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Saturday, May 27, 2006

PSP wallpaper

PSP wallpapers

I have found a awesome site where you can download all your PSP stuff. The website offers download of over 20 million movies,games,music,videos,software,wallpapers,images and anything else you can imagine. They have a nice little software where you can download the stuff to your PC or directly to your PSP,and they provide you good guidance through all the nuisances of downloading. The best part i found was that they charge only a one time very low fee and you get to download stuff for life. I haven't seen any other website offer such a deal.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Decorate Your Gaming Experience – Using PSP Wallpaper

You can customize just about anything to fit your personal style. Like wallpaper for your home, wallpaper for your computer can represent everything from a favorite picture to a favorite movie or even just a favorite color. Even your cell phone’s getting into the action with wallpaper that comes in a wide variety of formats. Now, even your favorite handheld game system allows you to customize the main screen with something that is as unique as you are.

The Sony PSP is far more than a simple game console. It’s an MP3 and movie player, an image viewer – even an internet browser. Essentially, your PSP is the smallest version of a complete computer system to date. So naturally, like your desktop or laptop computers, it should allow you wallpaper capabilities to personalize your system to your tastes.

Making the most of your PSP wallpaper isn’t difficult. If you haven’t already, you should upgrade your firmware to Version 2, which can be done online. Your PSP manual has detailed instructions on upgrading your firmware.

You can choose whatever you like as your PSP wallpaper, but you must first enable the PSP wallpaper function under “themes.” After that, simply go into your photo folder and choose the image you would like to set as your wallpaper. It’s really that easy.

Images that are blurred or might be otherwise affected can also work for this feature. You might be afraid that the picture quality might hurt the view of the text on the PSP screen, making it hard to read or in some cases completely unreadable. However, you might find yourself surprised, as, most of the time, the text is highlighted or otherwise raised to make it readable.

As the PSP becomes more and more popular, PSP users are creating images and sharing them on web sites, peer-to-peer networks, and other user groups to create a PSP wallpaper network of sorts, giving PSP users without images of their own to have something that shows off their own personality.

While its primary use is for game play, the PSP is far more than a handheld game system, and the ways in which it can be personalized are as endless as the user’s imagination. Much like your own personal style of dress says a lot about you to the world, your choice in decorating your PSP wallpaper says a lot to – to fellow PSP users, anyway.

Here is a awesome site i found,where you can download loads of stuff for your PSP.

PSP wallpapers

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

PSP wallpaper

Welcome to my PSP wallpaper website,here you will find information on the different kinds of wallpapers and how to customize them for your PSP.

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